Why Choose Invisalign?

Being a fully customised system for teeth straightening, LightForce braces are packed with a host of benefits, which make them a great option for all kinds of patients.

Classic Braces

Timeless traditional braces

Classic braces are the gold standard when it comes to aligning teeth. Orthodontic treatment with classic braces is predictable, efficient and the best option for most people. These days classic braces are subtle, low profile and come with the option of choosing fun colours if you want to be a little bold.

Lightforce Clear Braces

Custom 3D-Printed Braces

Discover a unique orthodontic treatment tailored to your individual needs with LightForce in Auckland. Our state-of-the-art solution combines 3D-printing tech and digital planning to create customised braces for shorter treatment times, fewer appointments, and exceptional outcomes.

Feel free to book in to see our orthodontic specialist if you wish to discuss any aspect of your orthodontic treatment needs.
A new smile can begin today.

Treatment for Kids

We believe in starting early to ensure a lifetime of confident smiles. Our specialised care for children begins at the age of 7, and this allows us to plan and guide the development of a beautiful smile tailored to last a lifetime.

conditions for early treatment
Crossbite When an upper tooth bites inside a lower tooth. Early correction helps prevent potential bite issues and ensures proper alignment for a harmonious smile.
Narrow Jaw A narrow upper jaw that requires expansion. Early intervention helps in expanding the jaw, promoting balanced facial growth, and preventing future orthodontic challenges.
Protruding Teeth Front teeth that stick out, increasing the risk of trauma. Timely treatment reduces the risk of injury to protruding front teeth, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.
Baby Teeth Baby teeth that won’t fall out on their own. Ensuring the timely transition of baby teeth is crucial for proper jaw development and the emergence of permanent teeth.
Missing Teeth Missing baby or permanent teeth. Early identification and management of missing teeth support proper oral development, preventing potential issues in the future.
Thumbsucking Thumbsucking and habit cessation. Intervention for thumbsucking habits ensures proper dental and jaw development, preventing potential alignment issues.

Plates & Expanders

Custom Made Locally

If your child has a narrow jaw, or a crossbite, an expander may be used to correct it. We can discuss the benefits of expander use with you to see if it's appropriate for your child.

Early Braces

Traditional Mini Braces

Early braces are a short course of braces treatment applied to a few teeth to help correct early problems.

Give yourself or your little one the gift of a beautiful smile. Schedule a consultation with us today.

before & after

Classic braces treatment

Chelsea, 25 years old

Classic braces were used to achieve this incredible transformation.

Classic braces treatment

Olive, 12 years old

Classic braces were used in this non-extraction treatment plan to achieve this stunning smile in only 16 months.

Classic braces treatment

Sarah, 12 years old

Classic braces was chosen to help bring through an impacted permanent canine in this challenging case. The results speak for themselves - achieved in less than 2 years. 

Clear braces treatment

Alex, 16 years old

For this incredible result, we used clear braces. It only took 15 months to create this stunning smile.

limited braces treatment

Madison, 13 years old

Using a combination of an expander and classic braces, we were able to achieve this great smile in less than 2 years.

classic braces treatment

Bianca, 13 years old

Classic braces were used to achieve this beautiful result in just 24 months.